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  • Installation and commissioning of all equipment.
  • Training, set up and calibration of all equipment.
  • Water filter replacements.
  • Support for most vending and espresso equipment.
  • Support for most makes of water cooler.
  • On site servicing and repairs.
  • Off site servicing and repairs to our local customers.
  • Call out repair service.
  • Training and advice.

Boiler Inspections

I can offer a boiler inspection coupled with a written scheme issued by Espresstest so you are fully compliant with the PSSR 2000 law regarding pressurised vessels in the workplace.

You will need this annual inspection if your machine stores pressure (steam), this applies to all commercial traditional espresso machines and most but not all commercial bean to cup equipment, if your machine uses fresh milk it most likely does need to be inspected and you should at least inquire if your equipment falls under the regulations.

An annual service does not necessarily meet your obligations under this law, you need to have a written scheme of examination issued to you with the results of the inspection and any recommendations regarding your equipment laid out and the written scheme must be counter signed by a competent person as described within the law, anything less is not a valid written scheme and will not cover you.

If you do not have a valid written scheme for your machine you could well find yourself not covered by your liability insurance should a problem arise from the use or operation of the coffee machine, you may be in breach of your tenancy or terms of use agreement and could be fined just for not having one at an official audit of one description or another.

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